As a Muslim, my duty is to struggle against oppression on earth. I find, however, that little thought is given to the link between the Western lifestyles and the suffering of millions across the world due to efforts to maintain those lifestyles. Many are exploited, overworked, underpaid, and forced to suffer for the sake of one primary goal: cheap products. The earth is torn apart and animals exterminated  as we extend our dominions without thought of the need to preserve them. I believe that it’s time that Western Muslims reflect on the current global situation with the knowledge that each individual who benefits from those injustices is part of the problem and is accountable to God. I cannot hope to change others, however, if I have not made the change within myself.  This blog is inshaAllah (God willing) part of the beginning of that change and I hope that through it I can help bring others along with me on the journey to transform that initial guilt and discomfort with an extreme North American life of luxury and materialism into to real action.

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